A week ago, the time had finally come.
I had a build of the game with nothing else but the main menu and the first chapter on my iPad Mini and presented it at the Comicsalon Erlangen for people to try it out!
I already had several friends play the twine version of the first chapter, and I used to pass early game versions around on my Android phone a long time ago, but people you know are of course always a bit more gracious than strangers…

A little paper sign invited the people with the words “Test our text adventure” to simply click on “New Game”. I was fascinated to see how much children’s necks can twist when they walk by, near something digital, which of course is not the main focus of the comicsalon.


The conclusion: I am SO relieved!
The simple concept was really enough to really captivate those who dared to play and to make them smile in between. On top of that, people immediately understood how to play and where to tap – apart from an older gentleman who relentlessly tried to swipe the first page…
I’ve decided to be less worried from now on (I’m a pro at worrying), and now just finish everything the way I had it planned.

I’m working on the final design of the endings/achievements, in a week I’ll post the first non-spoiler examples.