Almost three months have passed and I finally found time to write an update again

Ok, let’s keep it brief: I have…
… quit my job
… found a new job.
… scrapped my Cintiq by a firmware update
… annoyed Wacom’s customer service
… created a Github repository (- this has once again confirmed my suspicion that there is an internet guide for dummies for absolutely ANYTHING.)

The story is now two thirds finished, which is a lot. Oh god, just look at it. For illustration purposes, here’s the flowchart of a scene called “dinner”. Above is the start, the green marked fields are a few ends or branches which lead to another chapter. Choices includes simple, stupid things that the character can say, but also hard choices that may have huge consequences.


Following a great and very motivating test run at the Comicsalon Erlangen I was able to convince my long-time comrade Timo to join me yet again after a longer writing break. Two weird brains are better than one. For three years, we worked together on the webcomic ‘Tales from the Couch’, so I expect only the best/worst.

Until my Cintiq died its horrible, decrepit death I had also been working on backgrounds and characters. You can never have enough impressions of stormy beaches and dark alleys as you all know…
WIP, I hope Wacom lets me finish those.