We are approaching December and my promise to have the game ready by the end of the year has been reduced to the content being ready.
There will be 30 chapters, a story walkthrough consists of 8-10 chapters, depending on which way you choose and how stupid you act (i.e. if you die inbetween!).
I took a screenshot of the Twine stories. Each small dot is a text passage of any length.


According to the text editor, each chapter has between 5000 and 9000 words, which won’t be a lot to read per game, because you simply can’t see the whole chapter. But thaaaat’s why it’s worth to go through it again to do something completely different.
I wrote some of the stories a year and a half ago, because of the forced breaks (a move abroad and all that), currently I go through older texts to revise or continue and some passages and choices make me chuckle. I think that’s a good sign.

The most important Achievements/Endings can be found here as an overview(3 are still missing), I think I can post that without spoiling anything (well, you can probably imagine some things)(Tentacle-Tentacle-Tentacle-Tentacle)


I have finally resumed work on the characters, which I animate now and then after work, but I’ll post them another time.
The hardest part right now is to continue with new backgrounds because it’s been 2 months since I worked on them…

Gnargh. See you next time!