Hello dear readers!
The Escape from Innsmouth blog has certainly by now disappeared entirely from your Facebook timeline and also cerebral cortex, in fact I’ve completely submerged the last months and wanted to give a small annual update.

To summarize the year 2017: OUCH!

It all started with a car accident. More precisely, at the end of February, when an elderly gentleman drove his car against my bike in the early evening, when I was cycling in front of him and tried to turn left.
I landed on the car’s front and slammed on the windshield, leaving a Caro-shaped hole behind. Miraculously, I haven’t broken anything, so I’ll forever remember this story as “boy, was I lucky”.

After 2 months of physiotherapy, I was more or less recovering. From May to August, shit just got real at my day job. The startup I was working in went through a critical period, and during that time, I barely got anything done after work. More specifically, I didn’t want to even look at my drawing board and the computer monitor anymore – during that time I was completely focused on writing. At least it was something different from what I was doing during the day.

The good news is: the story part is 40% finished! Anyone who thinks now “What, only 40%?”, I can assure you, it’s a loooot, because there’s a lot of story!

At the same time, I prepared a small presentation of the Innsmouth game to present it for a state promotion in Berlin. If nothing had happened, I would have had money available to cut back on my working hours and, on top of that, have support for writing and a professional translation. All this was surprisingly easy – I was invited to the Studio Babelsberg and was allowed to introduce myself personally – supposedly a sign that you already have a foot in the door.

Unfortunately, the start-up was less successful in the meantime: at the end of August I had my last working day. Since I was dependent on part-time, I withdrew the application for the promotion then and decided to continue to work in my free time at the game.

I just started looking for a job as a game or UI artist in Germany, when a former colleague asked me to come work with him in Barcelona – where I am right now! Although still homeless and always busy looking for a flat, but at least the sun is shining. It has always been my desire to be the “foreigner” myself, and it really is an interesting experience. From now until next year I should help out with a still secret project. And to start the day with sun is a very pleasant change after 33 years dreary weather in Germany!

My current work space


Escape from Germany

After only 3 weeks delay, my stuff from Berlin arrived – I finally could illustrate and create content.

I’m enjoying painting again. Yay!

From now on I will try again to post more regularly. Still, you can certainly imagine, the plan to finish the game in 2017, might’ve sounded realistic one year ago, but it has become let’s say … very optimistic. Even though everything is on the right track, I will continue to work on it for the coming months.

And hope that 2018 will not start again with an accident …