Escape from Innsmouth/Flucht aus Innsmouth is a ‘Choose your own Adventure‘ game. You might remember them from books, in a time before machines took over control of our lives. It’s going to be playable in English and German and I’m building it in Unity(with the help of the amazing extension Fungus).

The Setting
As you begin to play the game the story takes you to the coastal town of Innsmouth, where you are supposed to find a missing girl. Sooner or later you will realize that something’s fishy about Innsmouth (I’m really sorry, but I just had to write that).

It is important to me that you have a lot of freedom, including exploring some borderline-stupid possibilities, the path of the game is your choice, after all! It is also important to keep everything simple and for me not to interfere too much. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s possible not to point out the player’s gender, leaving everything up to you. (This is VERY difficult in German, where everything’s much more complicated than it needs to be!) And just in case this makes you curious: yes, you can flirt with people in the game if you don’t have anything better to do… Just remember that missing kid once in a while.

As a player, you will be able to choose between dialogue options and routes through the game, and every decision you make will lead you to one of the story’s many different endings.


A normal screen in game will show you either a full page of text or you might be confronted with one of the key characters. If you can choose between different options at any point these are lined up under the Kraken.


As soon as you’re safe, dead, or worse, the game is over. One playthrough won’t take ages, but every time you return to the game it will be very different. At the end you will see one of two screens:

First, the unlocked ending! Each of these has a particular title and can be viewed again, in all their glory, in the Main Menu. For example, if you choose not to accept your mission in the first chapter you will experience a cozy night in front of the TV, watching old episodes of the Twilight Zone.


Additionally, you will see on a map of the areas in the game that you have visited, with a rough percentage showing how much of the game you have yet to discover…

…and from there you can return to the Start Screen and start a journey through new areas in Escape from Innsmouth.

(All images on this page are works in progress!)